JOEM Account Manager

Date: Feb 12, 2024

Location: Plymouth, MI, US

Company: Tenneco

  • Make sales calls on selected key accounts, both Japanese OEM and Tier 1 & 2 supplier levels.
  • Make sales calls on customer contacts that are strategic for BPM strategy.  This includes all four BEV strategic product initiatives, bus bar, Thermal Barrier, Cooling, Cell Spacers
  • Make sales calls on customer contacts that need to be maintained for core business, including protections for wire, cable, 12V battery, tube & hose.
  • Promote sales of product line by solicitation at the Design Engineering level focused on Japanese nationals with limited English skills.
  • Product presentations to Engineering, Purchasing, and Materials Departments.
  • Build sales volume of existing products (Core) and search for new opportunities on design variations or new products (BEV – BPM) utilizing our textile or thermoplastic technology.
  • Support sales effort by providing samples, data, pricing, and product application information.
  • Participates in product/marketing strategies, trade shows & new product development.
  • Communicate and coordinate sales efforts with offices in Japan.
  • Cross department communication internally with Customer Service, Quality, Manufacturing, Product Engineering, and Finance.