Maintenance Dispatcher

Job Description

The position of Maintenance Dispatcher (MD) is responsible for day to day logistical operations of the maintenance technicians. The MD will report directly to the Maintenance Supervisor and oversees the work order system, assigning work orders, communication, and prioritizing work orders. The MD must have an extensive understanding of the work order system, the technological aptitude to manipulate the software to create the most effective system, and to be able to handle multiple tasks at one time. MD is responsible for maximizing optimal billing hours for all techs and to deliver excellent customer service to all. 

Required Skills


  • Ability to lead maintenance techs (techs) and communicate company policies and procedures
  • Dispatch techs properly with constant communication.
  • Monitor work order progress and communicate progress and updates effectively.
  • Maintain positive and encouraging working relations with techs and customers
  • Follow proper procedures to keep the whole operations team informed on tech progress on work orders
  • Keep work order system and all other commutation tools updated
  • Ability to provide customer service daily to customers while keeping system updated with proper information
  • Communicate with dispatch team and techs to make sure customers and property management staff are getting informed and accurate communication
  • Relay information to the correct department when needed.
  • Inform property managers and maintenance employees with proper information when asked

Required Experience


  • Commitment. Firm commitment to company’s core values: Partnership, Innovation, Sincerity, and Stewardship. See Mission, Vision, and Values on the following page.
  • Passion. Demonstrate passion for people, urban areas, neighborhood revitalization, and mixed income housing.
  • Problem Solving. Must embrace challenges and be able to effectively solve problems and do so with a positive attitude. 
  • Education Degree. Minimum 2-year degree preferred but not required