Product Planner Sealing EMEA 1-year fixed contract

Date: Jan 30, 2023

Location: Kontich, BE

Company: Tenneco

'Own Your Career' supports Tenneco’s People Model, ensuring that we both “Select the Best” and “Build & Develop” internal talent.

It is our commitment to develop and promote great talent within the Tenneco team.


· Day-to-day responsibility for monitoring NPI program, including creating, progressing and completing NPI projects in timely and high-quality way

· Liaison with Product Groups, Purchasing, 3P Suppliers as appropriate for NPI

· Acquisition and provision to data analyst of all necessary technical/application data for NPIs

· Preparation of master NPI support material, including bulletins, or other product information and supply to field marketing teams

· SAP system and tracker updates for all resourcing activities

· SAP system maintenance

· Assist with the management of products throughout all stages of product life cycle, from NPI development and release, to post-release activities including stock category changes and deletions

· Analysis and proposed response to TecDoc gap analyses provided by data analyst

· Ongoing support for Sales and field marketing teams for queries on product specification, range, NPI status, and for ‘Special Request’ items

· Key support role in catalogue production process – particularly in data provision, data checking and page proofing

· Preparation of sales analyses to support product and marketing strategy development

· Support for warranty, technical service and training departments in terms of product information and technical assistance

· Management of Vision system database and procurement of pictures to data team

· Effectively communicate critical design and related performance attributes

· Understanding competitor environment

· Responsible for accuracy and completeness of application and product data in all publications


· Internal - Product Team, Data Team, Technical Services, Purchasing, Supply chain, Brand Manager, Sales-force, Customer Services, Engineering, Quality, Suppliers & Warehouse

· External - Customers, External Suppliers


· English

· Excellent computer skills with good knowledge of MS Office and SAP

· Team player

· Good written and oral communication skills

· Demonstrated ability to meet or beat assigned targets and deadlines consistently


· Education or graduation in either Data management or Technical (automotive)

· Minimum 2-3 years of experience in either product marketing, product management, customer service, engineering, quality or data environment, preferably from an automotive or replacement parts background

· Personal interest in the automotive industry

· Excellent computer skills with thorough knowledge of MS Office and SAP

· Experience to work in cross-functional teams


· Excellent communication skills both oral and written

· Ability to respond to and meet critical deadlines

· Must be able to work under pressure with a methodical approach

· Well organized with a keen eye for detail

· Quick to learn


You are encouraged to 'Own Your Career' to maximize your development and reach your full potential!