Gain invaluable experience with a global leader

Tenneco is always looking for new talent and fresh ideas. With us, interns, co-ops and recent grads can gain experience in all aspects of our automotive businesses, across many disciplines from corporate to manufacturing to engineering. Here, you will enjoy a friendly, non-bureaucratic environment, as well as genuine autonomy and accountability for your results.

Game Changers

While you may know us as a component supplier for new vehicles and retail suppliers, you may not realize that our advanced systems are game changers that make vehicles safer and more comfortable, while also making the environment cleaner.

Careers for Students and New Grads at Tenneco
Tenneco student leaders

World Leaders

We hold thousands of patents, continually conduct research, feature world-class manufacturing and are home to some of the best minds in the world, across multiple industries.

Direct Access

Tenneco is a large global company, but our interns, co-ops and recent grads often have direct access to our leadership while working on challenging assignments that directly impact our company. Here, you will be treated as a member of our team like any other experienced hire.

Tenneco interns Tenneco co-op students Tenneco recent grads

Internships and Co-ops

Our Summer Internship Programs vary by worksite and include case competitions, presentations to business leaders, outings and volunteer opportunities.
We also offer year-round Co-Op Opportunities in our testing labs, helping students meet educational requirements and providing hands-on experience in validation and durability. We have many examples of improvements to processes and equipment that were suggested by our co-ops.
Both interns and co-ops are invited to partake in a Co-Op Fair, where they are able to network with our business leaders.
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New Graduates

We are always seeking new graduates who exhibit leadership skills, agility and the ability to operate independently while holding themselves accountable for completing assignments with high quality.
Preferred candidates are curious, organized and patient, with the confidence to speak up and ask for direction when needed and the ability to work with individuals from many cultures, with all types of personalities.
Entry-level positions include:
Design and Development Engineering,
Rotational Engineering,
Production Management,
Financial Analysis,
Continual Improvement
and Human Resources.